catalogue information

Catalogue Information

For many UK customers, catalogue shopping is the only way to purchase. If you do plan on shopping via catalogue, you should know the terms before you buy. Not only so you find the best prices on items you are going to order, but also to avoid surprises at checkout, or come to find your items won’t be delivered for several days.


With most catalogues, you can pay up front. This means you pay using credit card, and will pay the full balance of items you order. You also have the option to finance. Depending on the catalogue this can vary from:

Each catalogue has its own terms for financing and buy now, pay later. Therefore, it is important to compare a few catalogues, to ensure the best terms, most affordable items are found, and that you will be approved for financing limits which are sufficient, to cover the cost of items you want to order.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is 18 or older and has proof of income (typically a minimum of 16-hours a week) can apply. Additionally, you are required to show proof of income. With most catalogues you will be required to prove you have lived at your address for a period of 2-3 years, in order to be approved.


Nearly every UK catalogue offers next-day delivery on items you order. For clothing, shoes, accessories, even electricals. And, when you purchase electricals, or higher-priced items, they usually include free setup and installation as well. So, a new cooker or washer/dryer set, will be installed, setup, and the technician will usually show the homeowner how it operates, before leaving the home.

Nearly every catalogue also offers free delivery if customers spend a certain amount (for some as low as £50, others may require order totals of £500 or more). You should compare terms and understand order limits to ensure free delivery.


Like deliveries, you will find nearly every UK catalogue offers free returns as well. Some offer up to 30-day trial period. So, if you want to try out some clothing or see if a pair of shoes will loosen up, you have a few weeks to do so. If you are not happy, you can simply call the catalogue, they will pick it up at your home, and deliver a replacement if you choose, free of charge.

You can order from the comfort of your home, have items delivered the next day, and if you are not happy, you can return them without incurring any penalties or restocking fees with the catalogues that you choose to go through for your online financing and shopping.

With so many catalogues, finding the best terms, and best prices, is truly up to the customer, and how much time they are willing to take, to comparison shop prior to placing their online orders for delivery.

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