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Pay Weekly Catalogues

Imagine being able to afford more, being able to buy the items you want to buy, and not go broke or have a hard time making payments on your accounts each time a payment is due. Pay weekly catalogues afford UK customers these opportunities. Not only do pay weekly catalogues allow you to pay a small amount, each week, on the items you want to buy, but also affords customers the opportunity to save, compare, and fine the name brands they want to buy, for a price they can truly afford to pay for these items when shopping online.

How does it work?

There’s really no guesswork. With pay weekly catalogues, you simply visit the catalogue site and apply for your account. You will instantly receive an approval and will be notified of your spending limits. From there, just place the order online, for the items you want to buy, and place your order. It will be delivered to your home as early as next day, and you will receive an account within 7-days after your order. This will include your first payment date, and you will simply make the minimum payments on a weekly basis after that, until the balance is paid in full.

Is there interest?

Yes, this is similar to a credit account or loan. You are going to pay interest on the items which you purchase. But, with payments as low as £2-3 each week, the interest rates are typically not going to result in extremely high amounts for the items you choose to order through pay weekly catalogues. And, there are many catalogues which offer interest free repayments for up to 156-weeks with some top pay weekly catalogues online. This means as long as you pay the principle in full, but the expiratory date of the promotion, you won’t incur any interest at all on the items you choose to order with these catalogues.

Are there minimum purchase amounts?

Yes, like pay monthly accounts, you will typically have to order a minimum of £50 in order to receive pay weekly financing with a catalogue. On such accounts, your weekly payments will run from £2-10 for most of the items you purchase online. Even big-ticket or high-priced items, are going to be extremely affordable when you choose to make payments on a weekly basis for the items you order through these catalogue vendors.

Can I order anything online?

It depends on the catalogue you receive financing with. Some have limits on the items you can pay weekly for. Some will limit the amount you receive for financing. And, some catalogues are going to have limitations on the type of items you can order through pay weekly financing. When choosing a catalogue to shop with, make sure you compare the financing options, terms, and items you can/can’t order, to ensure the best prices, and terms you can keep up with, when you choose to finance the purchase of items through pay weekly catalogues.

Is anyone going to be approved for an account?

Pay weekly catalogues are a little easier to get approval with, as opposed to traditional credit cards or loans. So, it is more flexible. With this being said, a credit check is run, meaning not every applicant is going to be approved. And, even if customers are approved for the financing with these catalogues, there is no guarantee as to how much the catalogue is going to approve them for, when they choose to make weekly payments on the items they are ordering from the online site.

Is there a way to avoid interest?

Again, this will depend on the catalogue. Like pay monthly, some catalogues sometimes offer promotional periods where interest can be deferred. If this is the case, as long as you pay in full, prior to the expiratory date on the promotional period, you should not incur any interest on the items you order with pay weekly catalogues.

Are there prepayment penalties?

Yes, most catalogues will have prepayment penalties, in cases where you choose a specific time frame to repay. So, if you select a 3-month window, but pay within a 2-month window, making equal weekly installments, you might be subject to paying a settlement penalty with the catalogue. It will depend on the catalogue, the items you are ordering, and the type of account you apply for. It is important to compare the different catalogues, and their restrictions/penalties, in order to ensure you find the best terms, and repayment options, when you choose to pay weekly financing for the items you choose to order online.

Why choose this financing option?

If you plan on renting items or choosing to rent to own, pay weekly catalogues offer a great way to make low monthly payments, and pay items off, over an extended period of time. If, you can’t afford higher payments with pay monthly, and love purchasing high-priced items or designer brand items, this is also a great opportunity to buy the items you want to buy, for a much lower up-front cost. Every individual has different budgets and limitations on what they can afford. If pay monthly doesn’t work, the pay weekly option might be one which shoppers find a little more feasible, when placing online orders with different catalogues.

If you can’t afford paying in full for the luxury or brand-name items you want to own, financing is a viable alternative for you to consider. With pay weekly financing, you can make payments as low as £2 per week, for many of the lower-priced items you are going to be ordering with the top online catalogue sites.

No matter what your budget is, what you are ordering, or which catalogues you choose to go through, weekly financing is one way to make payments on the items you are buying. These are a few things you should be aware of, when it comes to financing, if you plan on choosing the pay weekly alternative, for financing with online catalogues you shop with frequently.

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